Why you should hire a pest control company in Citrus Heights

pest feedingPests are everywhere and your home makes for the perfect place for them to breed and fester. People will eventually get affected by mice, mosquitoes, and termites which can cause a lot of damage to your property along with nasty diseases. This is why hiring a pest control company in Citrus Heights is essential and there are a number of good reasons why you should if you have an infestation. Many people try and deal with the pests by themselves and this can just worsen the problem, especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. Pest control companies are professionals and with their advanced equipment and knowledge, they will make sure the problem goes and stays gone. This article will list various reasons to hire a pest control company in Citrus Heights.

They Can Find the Source

The obvious purpose of a Citrus Heights pest control is to remove any unwanted pests and infestations. However, if you were to not hire a professional company to rid the critters, you may only postpone the issue to a later date. This is because a lot of DIY techniques will only tackle the result of the issue (the pests) whereas a company will be able to identify the source, preventing it from happening again in the future. The source of the problem can be a lot of different things and they can include something as small as egg batches or as simple as garbage. They would also be able to identify any damage that may have been caused by the infestation and could tell you the best cause of action and what you need to do next, saving you time as well as money.

Saves Time and Money

Many people are afraid of the price of a pest control service, but it’s actually not so expensive when you consider the repercussions of what could happen if you left the pests. If you did not spend the few hundred dollars to fix the problem you could be faced with thousands of dollars in house repairs, especially if the problem is to do with termites which are well-known for causing severe damage. In addition, you will probably have to take the day or week off when you are clearing the pests yourself and it can be a tedious task if you don’t know what you’re doing. Pest control companies work fast and efficiently, letting you get on with your day.

Prevents Self-Inflicted Risks

If you have no idea what to do during with a pest issue, just call your nearest pest experts. If you were to tackle the issue solo you may expose yourself to harmful diseases or you could even make the problem worse. This is especially true for pests such as rats, mice, and bees. Rats carry various deadly diseases that would require medical treatment, and killing one bee would result in the swarm attacking you. A professional pest company would have the protective gear and procedures to tackle the problem with little resistance, saving you a hospital trip.

Local pest control businesses such as Sweda are very important and is needed in times of severe infestation. You should avoid tackling the issue yourself and should instead rely on the professionalism of a Citrus Heights pest company. The factors listed above provide plenty of reasons why hiring a pest control company is the right option. Without a professional company, you risk illness, homely damages or worse.

Small Business Essentials

Your Bank Account

You’re going to need a bank account for your business to keep things separate and allow you to book keep more easily than if your business account is also your personal account. I had a good look around when starting up and found that the best deals are usually online based versions of the business bank accounts from the major banks. I went with HSBC online business account.

Online accounts general come with lower costs. I think the HSBC account came with free banking and very good rates for additional services. Something to note, business bank accounts will cost you more than your personal bank account. There is often a standing monthly fee and then additional fees for things like a few pence on each cheque, a percentage on cash paid in.


Lots of small businesses use their mobiles as the main contact number. In some cases, this can be a good thing with respect to customer perceptions because it conveys a small business image and some people like this. For other businesses, you want to look more professional and so you might want to consider getting a 0845 number or setting up a divert from a landline to your mobile. I use a company called Gradwell who provide an internet-based telephone service. This doesn’t mean you have to use your computer to make calls; we plug special internet phones directly into the internet socket. Generally, this type of service is cheaper, but the main advantage for us is that we have set up, through their website, a system whereby when a client calls our 0845 number, multiple phones at different locations will ring at the same time, this includes mobiles.

Your Web Site

It’s pretty essential these days to have a website for your business. People like to research more about your business nowadays before calling. I would strongly recommend not getting a mate to do it for you, it’s definitely cheaper and people can tell.


The internet is also a must these days, staying in contact with your clients, finding suppliers etc. There are three main methods these days. ADSL (through your existing telephone line), Cable (though Virgin Media) and mobile (using a USB dongle). The most reliable and future proof is the cable. The network has been built for the internet where as BT’s network mostly has been adapted for the use. You can also get higher speeds on Virgin. Mobile broadband is great if you need the internet on the road, however, coverage can be sketchy and speeds are still pretty slow.


I’ve talked about getting a website but you also need to get your name out there in other ways. Most basic thing is to make sure that things like your web address are on your business cards and letterheads. Yell.com can be a good to get your business details out there and will normally cost around £20 pounds a month depending on what kind of advert you go for. Yellow Pages can be good and bad nowadays. More people are looking online but still, a good few are using the printed book- think about your demographic.